Chalalit Poddi #9 - Sun Glitters


Hey folks. Way to late we are back with our new Podcast.

It’s been a long time, yes, we know. And yes, we are still alive! We are fine, don’t worry! Pietz is bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and back from Tel Aviv. Merle is right now in Tel Aviv but will be back the end of March. I am in Weimar and will stay here for a while.

We have to tick off some tasks of our to-do list and are really proud to tell you, that we will have our own website soon. Chalalit without tumblr attachment. As you are used to, you will hear more often from us. We will have a simplified user interface, categories, more pictures and everything your heart could wish for. 

But first of all, we have a new podcast for your ears! We asked a Luxembourg-based musician and friend – and he said yes straightaway: Sun Glitters. This is special honor for us, because Victor has a lot on plate. Between countless remixes, mixes, productions and gigs he took some time and put together a nice selection of tracks for us. The result is a really nice Podcast, that has a slightly different sound than the others, but that’s how it should be.

So, press Play, close your eyes and hope springtime comes soon.

Many thanks to our friend Victor for the beautiful podcast and the marvelous cover-design.

Cover artwork by Victor Ferreira.

Tracklist /

1 My.head - Until (Original Mix)
2 Golden Curls - Imaginary Love
3 Snow Ghosts - Where The Wild Horses

4 crash sunday - best
5 Svndaze - dreaming
6 White Flashes - Beechfoam
8 Essáy - Lyla
9 Starlit Everglades - Mylotic
10 Cokiyu - Pulsation (with Geskia!)
11 Diverting duo - dancing deers
12 Pick A Piper - All Her Colours
13 Youth Lagoon - Dropla
14 Young Magic - Night In The Ocean


▲ Chalalit 

words by Adam & Martin


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