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I remember the moment when I heared the dutch Trouw-Resident DJane Sandrien for the very first time – it was this years Nachtdigital festival. Her sound is an impulsive and strong mix of deep, timeless tunes that go directly to the heart.
For this reason, we asked Sandrien to continue the Chalalit Podcast series, where we invite our favorite acts. Sandrien was as keen as mustard! Here are a few questions to this lovely lady from the Netherlands and, for sure, her podcast. Enjoy! 

Without long thinking, you agreed to make a podcast for chalalit. Is it your wish to support smaller music-platforms or what was your personal reason to spend your valueable time for this beautiful podcast?

I really liked your enthusiasm and the blog, so when I had the time, I felt like making a podcast for you.

We have seen you live for the very first time on this years Nachtdigital festival. Did you know Nachtdigital before and did you enjoy your stay?

I had heard great stories about Nachtdigital, but I never went. It was absolutely lovely and certainly one of the highlights of this year! I arrived at saturday night, so it was really dark. I had no clue where I was. Then during my set the night turned into morning. It was so cool, finally I saw where I was, such a beautiful location! Playing in front of the lake, the trees in the background, what an idyllic place. The people there were also so friendly and nice, it was a great experience!

You are well known internationally, espesically in the Netherlands you are booked for a lot of events. We think you should come more often to Germany, so please tell us: when is your next gig in Germany?

I will be playing twice in Germany in february again. Can’t tell you yet where, but it will be announced pretty soon, so keep checking my Facebook.

What is your impression about the electronic music culture in Germany and is there a difference between the Netherlands and Germany?

I love playing in Germany. I go to Berlin a lot, it such a nice scene. The amount of parties and the variety of it is just stunning. The atmosphere in the clubs is really cool, a lot of true music lovers. The opening hours are crazy too. The scene in Holland is also very vibrant at the moment, a lot of parties, festivals and new initiatives going on. We here still have closing times, normally we have to end a night around 05:00. But there are going to be a few clubs in Amsterdam who will get a 24 hour license, really curious what this will bring to our city.

Let’s talk about music. Do you have an idol (if we may say so)?

I don’t really have an idol. But i do have favorite DJ’s, for an instance Marcel Fengler, Peter van Hoesen, Function, Marcel Dettmann. I like DJ’s that are passionate and musically divers. I’m really happy I can invite them all at my own techno night Imprint at Trouw Amsterdam.

How did you start your career as a DJ?

When I finished my high school, I moved to Amsterdam to study. There I discovered the nightlife and it got me so excited. I loved going out to clubs, dancing to the music, meeting new people. The first time I heard and saw a DJ playing, I knew this was what I wanted to do. I borrowed 2 turntables, started buying records and practiced 3 hours a day. After 3 quarters of a year, I could mix and got offered a residency at a bar called the Blitz. I played there every thursday a 4 hour set. From then on I got more bookings in clubs, festivals and my passion turned into a profession. Still loving it and hope to be doing it for many years!

What do you do on a rainy Sunday, when you are not playing a gig?

I would probably be listening to some relaxed music, some singer-songwriters, indie bands or disco. Maybe reading a book or drinking coffee with friends to talk about our adventures from the weekend.

Thank you so much Sandrien and of course thank you Ronny to initiate it! 

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